Kickboxing is a martial art that incorporates punching and kicking techniques in a coordinated manner to defend oneself. Kickboxing has many forms - from the style that was popular in the USA in the 1980's that allowed above the waist kicking only, to the style practiced in Thailand (Muay Thai) where fighters are allowed to throw knees, kick, punch, elbow, and even wrestle and clinch an opponent in the ring.

TFTC Academy teaches “Dutch” style kickboxing, made popular by the Dutch for incorporating more lateral footwork, boxing techniques and a focus on striking with powerful combinations of both the hands and feet.

TFTC Students train for a variety of reasons - from fun and fitness to learning self-defense. Students focus on stance, balance, conditioning and timing. They hone these traits by punching focus mitts and kicking Thai pads and heavy bags, often with full speed and power to develop their techniques as well as their bodies to their fullest potential.

Training at TFTC Academy is fun and classes are lively. Whether you just want to work out a bit of stress, get in shape or learn a new skill, the instructors at TFTC will show you how.

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